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Missing the point of view.
  I showed my friends what VR could bring, could experience, and some of them couldn't imagine it, and only noticed that the pixels were very low. I realized that people are like consumer-oriented, and the principle is not that important. The packaging and story are more important to them. Why do people like to buy “products” from Apple, McDonald’s, and social media?
Dedoimedo - Consumer-oriented AI promotes stupidity

The top 1% of the top one percent.
  I began to believe that there is a top 1% of the most powerful people who running the world, and that the top 1% of the top 1% are invisible and in control.

Hello~ Linux.
  M$-Windows managing/updates software is often a hassle for me.
  And antivirus / services runing on background always slow the system speed down.
  After a long week, I changed my system to Linux finally.
  Not only the computer is much smoother, but also the processing of documents is smoother compare to windows.
  Although I have to learn more commands and learn more about vim and nano text editor's inhumane shortcut keys,
  it is still a good change~ 

Totally stressed out
Today is a very important day in my life as I have a very important meeting. I was totally stressed out in the meeting.
The results will be announced in three weeks, so please wish me well.
If you are an attendee of this conference, thank you for your patience.

Radical empathy
Radical empathy was a more proactive approach to empathy which involved considering and being open-minded about a point of view or perspective, even if it were different and disagreeable from one's own.

In 2259, the United Federation of Planets sought an alliance with the R'ongovian Protectorate. Captain Christopher Pike realized that the R'ongovian diplomats were rude to the Tellarites, reasonable with Humans, and deeply logical when talking to a Vulcan. Pike initially thought that R'ongovians copied anyone they came into contact with, but it occurred to him that it might have been a diplomatic technique. Pike postulated that the R'ongovians were looking for somebody to take their point of view and that what they valued the most in others was the capacity to see things their way.     2024/4

The standard WD40 pantraion spray is a good product for metal, but it can harm rubber and plastic, and it damaged the plastic parts of my computer case and lampshade.

Hemmer: Humans waste so much life worrying about death. The Aenar believe the end only comes once you have fulfilled your purpose. It provides meaning.
Cadet Uhura: [scared] I-I like that. So, what was your purpose?
Hemmer: To fix what is broken.

Watch  Movies.
Who like Star Trek series?

Dream first, then future.
I really need a status stream.
Bill Clifton
- You Go To Your Church
(And I'll Go To Mine)

This site may stop updating, but technology won’t.
Hey everyone! Sorry, I've been busy the past few weeks! I spent a crazy 4 months, changed my rental place twice, and changed my work temporary, the operating systems of my computer and mobile phone were also reinstalled.

This is why we need to change
If computers can install software and transfer data, putting the entire system into more advanced hardware, why can't human?

What Is Technologic?
[Music] What Is Technologic
- Daft Punk vs. Haddaway

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[Music] Technologic Medium
- Undertale x Daft Punk

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"buy it, use it, break it, fix it, trash it, change it, upgrade it." Draft punk - Technology.